Hubbards Contracting Group - Earthmoving, Harvesting, Spraying, Logistics
Increase profitability through improved water management.

Hubbards Contracting has moved into the era of land levelling by adopting GPS technology.   Using Trimble GPS survey equipment and Optisurface design software we can achieve savings of up to 50% compared to convential laser.

Achieve drainage & irrigation objectives with lower earthworks

  •  Lowest earthworks & lowest topsoil disturbance

  •  Eliminate or minimise infield ditches/drains

  •  Flexiable design surface to suit all farming styles (irrigation/dryland).

Our efficient team is able to survey, design in consultation with the farmer and perform earthworks .

Equipment Available:
  • Case IH STX 535 with 25yard K-Tec pull scraper
  • Case IH STX 450 with 14ft bagshaw laser bucket
  • GPS Survey & Design Equipment
  • GPS Levelling fitted to all equipment
  • Convential laser available on request

 Services Provided:

  • Dam building
  • Ring tank restoration
  • Ditch pads
  • Tail drains/ lateral drains/pivots
  • Infield levelling with GPS machine control
  • GPS Surveying & Design
  • Levelling of melon hole country
  • Civil construction pads

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