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Using Technology to Improve efficiencies in Agriculture

Hubbards Contracting is a progressive contracting business located on the Darling Downs, Queensland, specialising in earthmoving &harvesting. We are farmers and understand the importance of being efficient within the agricultural industry.

We are continuously implementing new technology to improve efficiencies within the agricultural industry. We like to work closely with the client to achieve the desired outcome.


  • Harvesting of all grain crops with John Deere machines
  • Yield Mapping & GPS Steering
  • Handling of all grain
  • Grain and Manure cartage
  • Latest technology in GPS earthworks
  • Irrigation Infrastructure
  • Surveying & Design
  • Dam Surveys
  • Lateral Designs
  • Storage Reconstruction
  • Ditch Pads
  • Drains
  • Dryland Drainage
  • Civil Construction
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